Spa Treatments

Indulge in a relaxing Cape Cod spa experience by letting us connect you with licensed spa therapists with whom we’ve worked for over a decade.   The therapists are available to provide services en-suite in our Garden, Sea Meadow and Bayberry Rooms (one massage table), and our spacious Refugio and Patio Suites (two massage tables).

Services Offered By The Therapists:

The Serenity Full Body Massage

The Serenity Full Body Massage combines the power of touch with the healing benefits of aromatherapy. The therapists use 100% pure organic jojoba oil and add pure essential oils for unique fragrances and therapeutic qualities. Whether the preference is a gentle massage or extra attention to a particular area, the therapists will tailor your treatment to rejuvenate your body and mind. If you’re an expecting mother, they’ll be sure to accommodate you with extra pillows for added comfort.

Appointments may be made for an individual massage, or, for two of you to share the experience together.

60-minute Massage: $119 per person
90-minute Massage: $159 per person

Cape Cod Facial

Enjoy a relaxing facial to promote clean, beautiful skin through deep cleansing and exfoliation.  Indulge your skin with the therapeutic benefits of locally-sourced, lovingly handcrafted skin care products. Your steamy facial also includes a Cranberry Sea Salt Foot Scrub!

60-minute Facial: $119

Ultimate Pamper Combination

Can’t decide whether to have a massage or facial?? Have both!! This service is the 60-minute Serenity Full Body Massage followed by a 30-minute Cape Cod Facial.

90 minute Massage/Facial Combo: $179