Bumble Bee Soaps come to Brewster by the Sea Inn and Spa

by Donna Cain, Innkeeper and Owner

We love Lavender at Brewster by the Sea. We have Lavender plants in our gardens as well as making homemade Lavender spritzers that guests enjoy in their rooms. Many products in our spa utilize the calming benefits that Lavender is known for.

We recently attended a trade show, and were just so pleased to find the Bumble and Comapny as one of the exhibitors. Julie Diers, Founder and CEO, has created a wonderful line of herbal infused products using botanical oils, butters and extracts. Each artisan product is hand packaged and made with all organic materials, many with Lavender. I am usually one to think over a purchase but this line was extra special!  I knew our guests would enjoy the luxurious, soothing scents as well as appreciating that the whole line is organic and green, so I decided to place an order for both inns, Brewster by the Sea and Captain Freeman. My order included Natural Herbal Hair wash , Softening Herbal Hair Rinse, Hand Cut Lavender Goat Milk and Lavender Oatmeal Bar, Dead Sea Mineral Milk bath Salts……mnnnnnn,  I am in heaven already!

We also purchased a wonderful soap for our guy guests to use when they shave. Many of the decisions we make in choosing amenities keeps our female travel guests in mind. It was really fun to find something that we think our gentlemen travelers will enjoy. The soap smelled delicious and was made with hemp oil, shea butter and bentonite clay. My husband tried it when shaving this morning, and  I was anxious to hear his comments.  When I kissed him after he shaved I immediately could smell the lavender scent and his skin was ever so soft. He liked the smell as well and appreciated that the product was green in it was not in a commercial spray can. Julie had shown us the old fashion shaving brushes and I made a mental note that the brush would make a fun Father’s Day gift. I also tried the shampoo, conditioner and soap and loved everything. Of late, I am always looking for natural face and body products for myself, and I was pleased to offer such a quality line to our guests.

The soaps need to be cured for 6 weeks and since all of Julie’s line is made by hand to order, our new soaps will be arriving mid June. They have a wonderful policy of hand delivering the first order. Really looking forward to June!

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  1. it has been such a pleasure working with you donna~~~! thank you for the love you have shown the BEE and the kindness you have shown me. you and your inns are just delightful. buzzzz~~~~~! xo

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