Cape Cod Innkeepers vacation in St. Croix

By Donna Cain, Innkeeper and Owner

Very frequently guests ask us if we ever get a vacation since our job as innkeepers at our two Cape Cod bed and breakfasts,  Brewster by the Sea and the Captain Freeman Inn require us to stay close and make sure all of our guests are comfortable. We and our dedicated staff have been very busy over the past year renovating and redecorating our new inn, the Captain Freeman. Since both inns have been running very smoothly and our oldest daughter offered to come and take care of Nanna (Donna’s mom who lives at Brewster by the Sea) during her school vacation, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get away for a much needed rest and change of pace.

Villa Margarita

One of our guests that has stayed with us many times recommended a villa on St Croix where they vacation every year called Villa Margarita. Since it was reasonably priced, sat right on the ocean and Mary and Walt go back year after year it seemed an easy choice. We were not disappointed ! The villa was small, quiet and intimate, the innkeepers lovely and the accommodations top notch. We had Cheereos and OJ on our patio with beautiful views of the ocean and enjoyed  a fantastic massage in our room. We relaxed by the pool every afternoon and spent the days exploring this lovely, non commercial island. Shown below are some of the highlights of our vacation:

Sailors on the Roseway

Sailors on the Roseway

The Roseway is a lovely restored sail vessel that is owned by the World Ocean School. They travel to many different ports mainly to educate children but also to do sunset cruises. We were fortunate  to have  this lovely vessel  in St. Croix during our stay. The weather was beautiful and the sunset magnificent. Byron helped bring up the sail while Donna sat close by keeping her eye on the horizon:)

.St Croix has a wonderful botanical garden that is located on an old sugar cane plantation. We so enjoyed walking around and seeing all the nature and wildlife. I was tickled as this photo was taken with my new little Sony camera. Byron has a fancy professional camera that takes incredible pictures. I thought mine came out pretty good as well! This last picture was taken of a beach on the northern tip of the island where we had a picnic. We were the only ones there that day and we were in awe of the natural beauty and peacefulness of the day.

We came home to find both inns running very smoothly with happy guests. While vacation is always great, we were happy to come home as we  really missed our Labradoodle, Harrison:)

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