Renewal on Cape Cod

I am enjoying blogging about our life as innkeepers and living on Cape Cod. As a result my eyes are always open to topical articles I find in local papers and magazines. I recently read an article in the Cape Codder which talked about the beauty of renewal and how nature and animals fall in sink with this quiet time of the year. As innkeepers, the winter is our time to rest, rejuvenate and to finish all of the projects we have planned at our two inns, Brewster by the Sea Inn and Spa and the Captain Freeman Inn.

Renewal on Cape Cod

Cape Cod beach

Mary Richmond wrote the article about Renewal on Cape Cod. It  touched my heart, and I wanted to share some of her thoughts with my readers.

“Winter is in full swing and as we look out our windows and doors it is pretty obvious that Mother Nature is not too impressed by our paper calendars and counting of days until spring. I’m pretty sure most of nature wakes up and deals with whatever weather there is or isn’t and just goes about its business each and every day.
One thing we all have in common, however is a time year in which we stop for a bit and renew ourselves. Renewal may mean different things for each of us. For a bird it may mean taking a break after a long migration to eat and to sleep. For the humpback whale it may mean eating everything in sight all summer long to make up for a long, hungry winter, for although they head south where many human Cape Codders head for their own sorts of renewal, humpback whales do not eat while in Caribbean waters. They are thin and hungry by the time they return in the spring to Stellwagen Bank. For a dragonfly or butterfly it may mean sitting in the sun with open wings for a moment or two to rest and take in the warm energy of the sun.
Whether a snake or spider, a dolphin or dog, each creature needs a chance to rest and renew. Those that don’t, often end up making a poor decision that may result in their demise, or they won’t have the energy to escape an emergency or to make it through hard times. I don’t think it’s accidental that there are parallels to our own human experience here and yet many of us are not given an adequate chance for full renewal each year. We are expected to catch our renewal on the run and in brief moments of quiet and comfort.

Not so long ago the end of the holidays and the beginning of the New Year also marked a quiet time for people here on the Cape. Business were often shut down until spring and winter was the time of mending nets, planning gardens, baking breads and making nourishing soups from stored vegetables and maybe smoked meat or fishes if fresh ones were not available. Nights came early and so did sleep. Summer nights are long and for many of us, summer days, extend into nights and the work is hard and unrelenting. The reward for that expenditure of energy used to be a quiet time to renew tired muscles, family relationships and to catch up on hours of renewing sleep.

When I watch people hustle and bustle all year long, all day long and often all night long, too, I am often tempted to think of a bunch of headless chickens running about frantically trying to stay alive. Out my window on the other hand are creatures who make the most of their waking hours but which have plenty of time for sleep and renewal. Even the plants know that renewal is key to their survival and go dormant for certain times each year.

As we slide into the New Year ahead it seems like a good time to make time and space for renewal on our calendars this year. Whether we take a nap by a sunny window, or take a walk on a windswept beach, it is good to remember that the best forms of renewal are free and natural. Just sitting at the beach watching the birds or walking along a woodland path beneath leafless branches that seem to sing and harmonize with the breezes can help realign our senses, our breathing and yes, even our souls.”

I am writing this blog after Valentines Day. It such a pleasure to see the many wonderful guests that come to stay with us for their own renewal. After all, Cape Cod is the perfect place to come and breath in the amazing seaside air.

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