Silly innkeeper on Cape Cod

Brewster by the Sea Innkeeper with Denise and Abbie

Inn keeping is a wonderful career,  and we continue to strive to keep a lighthearted attitude in life and to pass on good will to those around us. The love of my life,  shown above with two of our dedicated employees at our Cape Cod bed and breakfast, is always putting a smile on my face. A good example of this is when I came home on Saturday after helping out at the Captain Freeman to find Byron wearing a cap that he made out of tin foil. He informed me that this cap would help ward off the evil that was predicted to end the world this past weekend. My Mom lives with us at our Brewster Cape Cod inn and her comment was very fitting of someone that grew up in the depression era…….”Byron, you are wasting tin foil!”  I just smiled.

Happy to report that we are all still here on Cape Cod  and are still loving hosting guests at Brewster by the Sea Inn and Spa and Captain Freeman Inn.

Here’s to always remember to let the kid in us come out to play every now and then!

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