Cooking Schools at the Captain Freeman

Chef Carol – Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast Chef

This quiet season on Cape Cod we are introducing a wonderful calendar of cooking classes at our new inn, the Captain Freeman Inn.  Former owner and master chef, Carol Edmondson, from Cape Cod Culinary  will be leading the class. Our theme is small plates- big flavors which is a perfect combination to enjoy all of the food made earlier with wine tasting and bite size delights. We will explore France, Italy, Spain and other Mediterranean ports as ingredients and imagination allow.

We will be following in the wake of clipper ships captained by Cape Cod’s famous traders, including Captain Freeman himself, who harvested sea salts and sailed the world to trade for exotic spices, food and wares. These cuisines are world renowned for their fresh ingredients, simple home based preparations and complex flavors. The tradition of small plates  simply prepared and enjoyed almost any time of day is well established throughout the Mediterranean region. Our class schedule is noted below:

November 12, 2011- Bellisimo Italia

January 14, 2012- En Francais

February 11, 2012- Mediterranean Fare

February 25, 2012- Espana Ole

March 24, 2012- Mediterranean Fare

April 21, 2012- Espana Ole

Sample menu from our first Italian cooking school include fresh fig and goat’s cheese focaccia, sausage cacciatore, shrimp grilled in prosciutto, arancini, roasted peppers and eggplant, tiny potatoes roasted with rosemary and fresh lemon….mnnnnn!

Two night package includes breakfast each morning, afternoon tea, truffles, 2 hour cooking class, wine tasting and food sampling afterwards.   Cooking school guests can stay at either Brewster by the Sea Inn and Spa or the Captain Freeman Inn.

For more information please call 800-892-3910.

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  1. Naples was the subject of our cooking class and tasting last Satudrday in the beautiful sun filled kitchen at the Captain Freeman Inn. Naples is a perfect example of small plates with big flavors. Traditions rooted in simple street food highlighted great fresh flavors. We made two great pizza recipes; traditional pizza margherita and a pancetta, arugula, shrimp and scamorrza pizza inspired by the fleeting availability of fresh shrimp from the coast of Maine. We also made bruschetta with truffle oil and parmigiano reggiano and an antipasto of chianti cured salami, artichokes and fontina cheese.

    There is always a wonderful energy in the kitchen when we are cooking and a comraderie at the table after while we relive our shared experience with old and new friends. As the chef/instructor I always have the most fun of anyone in the room and look forward to the next class which is coming up on March 10th. We’ll be cooking spring dishes from Rome.

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