What does a Cape Cod innkeeper do on their first day off in months?

Many of our guests ask us how we can go all summer long without a day off? We usually try to pace ourselves and plan for a few moments here and there to rest and relax. This year was an extra challenge in that we purchased a second bed and breakfast in town call the Captain Freeman Inn. We actually went into the season a little tired since we just finished the renovations at the new inn in May, leaving just enough time to get the new staff and procedures in place.

A few weeks ago in August my husband commented that he would really like to go the the P’Town parade and carnival. Could I handle things without him for a day? We have been fortunate to have some extra kitchen help on the weekends so my immediate answer was yes, please take some time for yourself. Byron got an early start and packed up all of his camera gear. He has become quite a good photographer and always enjoys a new adventure with different photographic opportunities. I geared up for a busy day making breakfast at Brewster by the Sea  and making sure everything was running smoothly at both inns.  That particular day we were making Wild Blueberry Pancakes. We are always  experimenting with new recipes and  garnish techniques on our breakfast plates, and we have been especially creative since David joined us in July. He is a line chef at the renowned 5 star restaurant 28 Atlantic at the Wequassett resort and always comes up with great new ideas. Our plates looked especially fun that day and I decided to send Byron a picture on his I-phone with a love message.

Breakfast garnishes at Brewster by the Sea

Byron came home later that evening tired, happy and full of fun stories. The best part was sharing all of the pictures he had taken during the parade. The one below was my favorite.  Here’s to everyone having a day off once in a while because after all, life is full of many wonderful and unique experiences that should not be missed!

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