Cape Cod seen through Irish eyes

We recently had a lovely honeymoon couple stay at our Cape Cod bed and breakfast. They had planned a 7 night holiday to celebrate their special occasion, and we were flattered that they had chosen Brewster by the Sea Inn and Spa.

We love to visit with our guests during breakfast and always ask about their dining and day adventures the day before. After being innkeepers for 7 plus years now we have been impressed by the way our European guests always plan their travels so well and see just about everything in the area. This couple was no exception and they were always on the go and had lovely stories to share about their travels. On their last day we asked them what was their most favorite part of their visit. They smiled and looked at each other and send in unison whale watching in Provincetown and Chillingsworth Bistro in Brewster.

Whale watching is a very special experience, and we are lucky to have a professional whale watching cruise line close by in Provincetown called the Dolphin Fleet.  Several times a day they head out to the nutrient rich feeding grounds of the Stellwagen Bank National marine Sanctuary where these beautiful whales, feed, breach and play in their natural habitat. The species of whales that are most common in the Stellwagen Bank include Humpback, Fin, Minke, Pilot and Northern Right. Several species of dolphins and porpoises, known collectively with whales as “cetaceans” also inhabit the area.

We have always said that the most important thing at our bed and breakfast is in our name…..we had better have a really comfortable bed and a delicious breakfast! Running a close third in the order of importance to our guests is knowing good restaurants to recommend for evening dining. We have felt very fortunate to have many wonderful gourmet restaurants close by and have enjoyed checking them all out on a regular basis. After all, we must taste all this good food so that we can report back to our guests. One that is top on our list is the acclaimed French restaurant in Brewster called Chillingsworth that our lovely Irish couple mentioned as their favorite. We love to recommend this spot for guests that are celebrating a very special occasion and we have found this is a dining experience that is to be savored over several hours. Chillingsworth has both a large dining room for their 5 course price fixed menu and a smaller less formal bistro which is a wonderful way to catch a lighter meal.

So here is a warm congratulations too our dear Irish friends and wishing them years of happiness and good health!

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