Breakfast fun at Brewster by the Sea

My husband and I have enjoyed being innkeepers at our Cape Cod bed and breakfast for 7 years now.  As with any couple that works together in a business each partner usually takes on certain responsibilities that suites their strengths and enjoyments. In our relationship, I usually do most of the cooking, gardening and decorating, and Byron organizes the repairs, computers and finances.  This wonderful career has brought out a  creative side of my engineering husband which has included some really spectacular additions to our fresh fruit at breakfast.

Cape Cod InnkeeperOver the years we have refined many of our breakfast recipes and pride ourselves in garnishing our plates with eatable herbs and fruits. Byron has become quite talented in his fruit carving skills. All of our breakfasts include three courses, beginning with fresh squeezed orange juice, a fresh fruit course and then the main course which rotates between a savory to a sweet entree. Byron always objected to fruit cups so he began creating some unique fruit plates. Some of his creations includes baked pears with kiwi, strawberries and chocolate, a baked apple with mouse that he flavors with liquor, fresh carved pineapple with pomegranates, strawberries and creme with fresh mint, and our BBTS melon fruitini which we serve to our guests in  a martini glass.

After all, we like to have healthy and happy guests staying at our Cape Cod bed and breakfast!
What a great way to start your day at BBTS!

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