Holiday Blessings at Brewster by the Sea Inn and Spa

This year we were blessed to have all of the kids home and to have my aunt and mom healthy and smiling through all of our holiday festivities. We also enjoyed having April’s boyfriend’s Mom, Randy  with us along with her lovable pooch, Oliver.

We enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner with turkey and all the trimmings, family puzzle time, walks on the beach and hot cocoa by the fire…..leaving plenty of time  for naps and movies. One  huge benefit of owning a bed and breakfast is that we have plenty of beds and bathrooms  for family and friends!

Each year Nanna and I plan all of our holiday food and actually prepare many items ahead of time. As we said goodnight Christmas Eve my mom mentioned that she was going to get up early to make the chocolate cream pie. She is 84 this year, and as I was drifting off to sleep,  I made a mental thought to wake up early enough to go over to her apartment to help with the pie, leaving plenty of time to stuff the bird and get that in the oven before breakfast. The next thing I remember is the dog barking and hearing my mom say “Oh Harrison it’s only me”…….. She had gotten up at 5am, showered, had her regular breakfast, made the pie and walked over to the inn’s kitchen. I just smiled, feeling a  little guilty, while she teased me about sleeping in. We then shifted our attention to the main attraction…..Tom turkey! All of the kids love Nanna’s stuffing which includes white dried bread cubes, chicken broth, butter, ground giblets and celery with just the right amount of poultry  seasoning, made exactly like by grandmother use to do. This year’s stuffing was extra delicious!

We save our presents for Christmas morning, and we always smile when our middle daughter April rises early to wake up her sister and brother. They would prefer to sleep in but after much coaxing and teasing all of the family is sitting around the tree and fire to open the presents. This year it seemed extra special in that there were fewer presents but each one was lovingly wrapped and thoughtfully chosen. This year Nanna gave pearls to all of the girls and and a handsome ring to Nathan. This year seemed extra special!

And so,  as 2010 comes to a close,  we wish a simple thought for our family and friends near and   far…..may the new year bring you peace, health and all of the  simple pleasures that makes life so special.

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  1. This was so sweet-I wanted to thank you for everything-I had the most wonderful time and sharing the Holiday with your family was priceless! I have been raving to everyone about the B&B and also the food! Cannot wait to see you all again and would love to have you all come and stay with me in Bucks County! Happy New Year to everyone :’)

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