Three generations to plant a garden

Gardening has become a passion for me since we purchased our inn on Cape Cod six years ago. This weekend I had the pleasure of planting our vegetable garden with my mother and daughter’s help. As I was listening to my mother’s wise words about how to sow the seeds and watching my daughter’s delight in having her hands in the dirt,  I smiled at the pure pleasure of having three generations working together to plant our summer garden!

I actually grew up taking for granted the large garden that my parents maintained when I was little. We always had fresh vegetables on our table that were either just picked from our garden our frozen or canned for our winter enjoyment. To this day, I have never tasted a sweeter corn on the cob then I remember eating as a child fresh from our garden.

As a young adult, I married and moved to Houston to raise my own family and with the weather being so hot, I was happy with a  small flower gardens by  the front door. When we purchased our inn, which had several overgrown flower gardens and plenty of room to create some new gardens, my mind immediately went to work thinking about where we would create a new vegetable and herb garden. Since then we have designed and created 3 compost bins, a tomato and pumpkin garden, a large vegetable and herb garden and many new little flower gardens. I am forever hooked!  There is something so pleasurable about planting some seeds, watching them grow, watering them daily and harvesting the fruits of your labor.

This year we tried some new items and have become experienced with what does well in our climate. We love Nasturtiums which are a beautiful flower and are an eatable garnish.. We grow several types of parsley, basil, thyme, chives, garlic and dill which we use daily for our seasoning in our breakfasts. We grow several types of fresh lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini and squash. Every year I learn something new and every winter I start thinking about how I am going to lay out the spring garden.

So this year, as I was organizing all of our seed packets on the  lawn, with my mother sitting in a chair beside me and  my daughter tilling the soil with the rototiller, I realized what  a perfect moment in time  I was experiencing.. My mom is healthy and at 83 still makes a good portion of the inn’s cookies and is a constant role model for our entire family. She was delighting in sharing her garden stories and telling us that we need to make our rows perfectly even. (April and I smiled because we both are not perfectionists as she is ) April was already talking about creating a garden in her back yard when she purchases her first home in Boston. And so the  tradition continues….my mom passes on all of the tricks of gardening that she has learned over the years.My husband and I add some new ideas and creations that we like and our daughter April has visions of the garden she will grow some day… perfect!.    

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  1. Aww… great post Mom! It was a lot of fun. I cannot wait until I have my own yard to put some of yours and Nanna’s wisdom to good use. I’ll have to settle on a balcony garden for now 🙂

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