Sand castles and whales

Is spring here yet? At our Cape Cod bed and breakfast we have decided that spring is definitely here because our guests have seen whales swimming close to the Cape Cod bay beaches and someone built a beautiful sand castle at our treasured Paine’s Creek beach. Cape Cod Beach Sand Castle

For many years, we happily lived in Houston, Texas were we raised our family. The one thing I always missed was experiencing the change in seasons that I grew up with back in the Berkshires. I think spring will always be my favorite season since it represents a rebirth for everything in life. After spending so many months inside there is something so exhilarating when you walk out in the sunshine and watch all of your favorite flowers and plants starting to grow. During the summer months we spend a good portion of our time maintaining and enjoying our beautiful gardens. We tell our guests that it is our little slice of heaven that we like to share with them. Right now the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the lilacs budding and the robins are busy building their nests in our scrubs and trees. We have had a nice jump on our spring chores since we have had quite a few warm days to be outside.

We were especially delighted to share in the excitement when our guests came back from their day of exploring to tell us about the whales that they unexpectedly saw on Corporation Beach in Dennis. Several whales were swimming close to shore and they could see them breaching through the waters. On the same weekend my husband Byron went down to our favorite beach to get some shots of the sunset and he was tickled to find the first sandcastle on our favorite beach.

So it really must mean that summer is truly coming….we have flowers in bud, whales in the bay and sandcastles on the beach. Oh the joys of living on Cape Cod!

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