Truffle tasting at Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast

Truffles (chocolate) are a special treat at our Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast. Every night when our guests leave for their evening meal, we turn down their beds, turn on soft lights and classical music and leave a truffle of the evening on their pillow. These award (Donna & Byron) winning truffles are truly a little piece of heaven.

First attempt to embed a youtube video in our blog. “making truffles in an elevator”, bear with the the video through the introductory music.

So you may ask what is a truffle and what makes it so special? A truffle is actually ganache (a mixture of melted chocolate and heavy cream) covered with chocolate. Distinct added flavors such as Carmel, Hazelnut, Irish cream and Key Lime make these chocolate morsels the ultimate treat. We are fortunate to have a wonderful chocolatier right up the street who supplies us with our truffles. Our guests have always raved about the chocolates and we have carried the same flavors for the full 6 years that we have been innkeepers at Brewster by the Sea.

This past week my husband and I decided to visit our local, very popular coffee house in Orleans, the Chocolate Sparrow. As we were waiting for our lattes we checked out their candy case that was filled with their homemade truffles. We decided to have some fun and purchased 2 of every kind they carried. As we were driving home we decided to have a truffle tasting with our family the next evening.

We are blessed this winter to have two of our children staying with us at the inn while they are job hunting and attending classes. My mother also lives with us so our evening meals are always filled with a lively discussion. Tonight we mentioned that we wanted to have a truffle tasting. Even our son who does not have much of a sweet tooth thought the whole thing sounded like fun. We gathered our regular truffles, the new sampling and even added some Godiva Valentine chocolate to add to the mix. Our daughter April sliced each of the truffles in half so that we could each have a sampling of the different flavors. We all were ohhing and ahhing over each bite. After tasting far too many chocolates to keep our middles in line, we all agreed that our truffles were the best. They were velvety smooth and dense with distinct natural flavors.

So rest assured if you decide to visit us at Brewster by the Sea, your bed will be turned down and you will return to find two perfect chocolate truffles on your pillow!

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