Good Dining on Cape Cod

How do our Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast Guests find good dining? The short answer is that we send them our restaurant list painstakingly built over the last 6 years and that we modify at least twice a year. We quickly realized that a getaway anywhere is not happy if your dining experiences do not meet your expectations and soon after that we learned that while most of our guests expectations are similar, a few people require a little more attention. Donna and I believe we give excellent service to our guests that stay with us as we can spend time with them to make sure that their individual expectations are met.

What would you do if you were not staying at Brewster By The Sea Inn & Spa?This post is really a review, from our perspective, of the google results for Cape Cod Dining and for Cape Cod Dining Reviews.

Trip Advisor – This site is fascinating to use in the context of dining. The very top rated restaurants are often Clam Shacks, Ice Cream Joints and the like. Very good restaurants are often nailed to the wall with bad reviews that ask how could any restaurant not have a child’s menu or not serve French Fries. The good news, from our perspective is that a user can cut through this type of noise fairly easy to get at reviews that will better answer questions. The fact that Trip Advisor works so well for the Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast industry is somewhat easy to explain. B & B afficionados are typically, in New England, well aware of minimum standards and they are the ones that write the reviews.

Cape Coddster
is a great site built by a community of users that love Cape Cod. There is no pay to play, no chance to game the system without it being called out. Think of this website as gigantic set of bulletin boards where you can hold public discussions with other people that love the Cape.   The example pertinent to our current posting is the good to excellent dining on Cape Cod forum.

Cape Cod Times Online You will find just a few professionally written reviews of restaurants here. For the general user this is not very useful, but for us local Cape Codders we may find a useful nugget in the offseason. An example is this review of Chatham Bars Inn Tavern in the off season. This is the kind of Dining we would recommend to our Brewster By The Sea Inn & Spa guests.

The rest of the examples given below are less useful. Please feel free to give me pointers on finding high quality reviews of dining on Cape Cod!!!!

This site does allow reviews. The link provided above only shows 5 restaurants in the Lower Cape. Abba is definitely on our list and the link here to Abba shows their style. Not many restaurants listed, few reviews, you must sign up to the service to use if fully and restaurants probably have to pay to be on the site.

Cape Cod Dining
– is collecting a good overview of dining spots, They break up the list of restaurants by region, although it looks like they wish to break it up by town in the future. It looks like the restaurant must purchase links back to their websites and to have additional detailed information. Did not see any user reviews. Future additions to the site will include videos, meet the chefs and probably more.
Cape Cod Dining Guide is similar to the above site in that there are no reviews and that it is clearly a pay to list upon site. It allows for a nominal search for food type and Breakfast / dinner etc. Many of our favorite (finer dining) restaurants were not on this list.

Cape Cod Restaurants
is a again a pay to play site. A little better design in that maps and itemized details are easily had. Again, if the restaurant has not paid, they will not show up well on this.

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