Sweet and Hot at Brewster by the Sea

Donna and Byron are going to talk sweet. hot and spicy here, but first a word on our breakfasts.  They are a special time at our Cape Cod Inn and Spa, and we are continually testing new things to keep our menu fresh and creative. We do keep a lot of the tried and true menu items, however, we find a lot of fun in merging new finds into the mix! This post is a little twist on how we are both sweet and spicy! Follow us over the fold for the quest to find out who is sweet and who is spicy. 

Donna – Perhaps I am the old fashion sweet one and my husband is the spicy, hot and adventurous one.  Byron – Perhaps I am the really sweet one and my wife is the spicy hot one, except we are talking about food, right??!!
Donna – Even as a child, I remember the family raspberry patch. We had a summer tradition of harvesting the berries and making jam and pies for everyone to enjoy. I almost took the berries for granted and never noticed what a small container of raspberries cost at the grocery store. When we purchased our inn 6 years ago my mother offered to donate all of the raspberry jam she had in the freezer for our guests to enjoy. We  realized that we did not have enough supply when she decided to sell her home back in the Berkshires and to move in with us. Byron  quickly ran back to the Berkshires and started digging up the raspberry bushes in order to transplant them in our back yard.  We now have had our very own BBTS vintage Raspberry Jams since 2007. Since Raspberry plants take a few years to start producing in any quantity……let me say in a nutshell, we rationed our supply….Hopefully not disappointing our repeat guests that kept asking us to sell them jars to take home.   I am happy to report that we now have in our freezer Vintage 2009 and a nice big raspberry patch that we hope will produce many jars of jam this summer. So now on to the spicy….

Byron – two notes about the spicy side of things here on Cape Cod.  We went to a restaurant, now closed, that featured coastal cooking including New Orleans style food.  I thought, YEAH, and asked for Jalapeno Peppers.  Fifteen minutes later the waitress comes back and says they do not know what they are, but are these peppers close?     THEY WERE SWEET FOR GOODNESS SAKES.    Well, we know that New Englanders are generally reserved, including their food of course, and I resigned myself to just a little store bought tobassco sauce and seldom even asked our guests if they wanted a little spice in their life, oops, I mean on their food.  Then one day a long haired 60 year old hippie with a pony tail to his waist is eating breakfast at our Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast and he surreptitiously whips out a bottle from his back pocket and douses the eggs and potatoes with it.  Oh dear, is it possible?   He is the mad food chemist from Mechanicsville New York with Pre Apocalyptic and Armageddon hot sauces.  and our absolute favorite, “The Smoking Habs”. This is an incredible mole style Habanero sauce. So we now keep a a case of the Smokin Habs on site to spice up your savory dishes and all is well now that we, Donna and I, are fully integrated personalities, sweet, hot and spicy.

So, when you come to Brewster By The Sea, you should get both the spicy and the sweet at breakfast from Donna and Byron. Being a Bed and Breakfast far away on Cape Cod, you should be prepared to bring your own hot, sweet, and spicy nature to your getaway as well.

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