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Life is too short not to be pampered at Brewster By The Sea

It’s a snowy day on Cape Cod and after a busy fall and holiday season my husband and I are looking forward to a slowdown at our Cape Cod bed and breakfast . We have been busy over the holidays and many of our guests have enjoyed our spa services as a way of relaxing through the hectic holiday season. This morning a couple had a side by side massage late in the morning and one of our favorite therapists, Ann Papparello, was already here. I am a spend thrift kinda gal and usually do not pamper myself with massages but this morning it just felt right to indulge! And what a grand way to kick off the new year.

I decided on the 90 minute massage and facial. I am always telling our guests it is my favorite service but I actually am basing that on a facial I received 3 years ago when we were testing a new product line at the spa along with the rave reviews I continually hear from our guests after receiving the facial and massage combo treatment. I had a vague memory of enjoying the aroma therapy and having my skin feel very refreshed and soft. Well……I can tell you firsthand after having this service just a few hours ago that it is pure heaven! I went into our spa room cold, tense and feeling very tired. I came out 90 minutes later feeling like a new woman. All of my skin from head to toe feels soft and my muscles relaxed, my mind feels calm and my face actually has a wind blown type of glow to it.

I am continually amazed at the results of the  Eminence product line that we carry at our spa. It is an all organic line made in Hungary, and we carry several different formulas for different skin types. Today I enjoyed a coconut cleanser with steamy orange infused towels, a yam and pumpkin mask, a wild plum toner and a peach moisturizer. The service also includes a head and scalp massage with our all organic jojoba oils. My hair tends to be dry during the winter months and I could feel my skin rejuvenating with all of the oils.I have quickly decided that having a pampering massage and facial for myself will certainly be a more frequent event in 2010. After all, the spa is close by since our residence is at our inn and spa.

Happy New Years to one all and may your day be filled with a relaxing spa service at Brewster by the Sea.

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