Savory Breakfasts at Brewster by the Sea

Breakfasts are a special time at our Cape Cod Bed and Breakfasts. We have always paid attention to the two most important parts of our business…the bed and the breakfasts! Our guest always comment how comfortable our beds are and we are continually changing, improving and updating our three course breakfasts.

We recently had an acclaimed San Diego chef and concept caterer and his new bride, Syrisa, stay with us for their honeymoon. They had stayed at several bed and breakfasts on the east coast and commented that they were tired of all the overly sweet breakfasts they had been served over the past week (ever hear of muffin valley?). We rotate a sweet breakfast one day with a savory the next and always offer an option of scrambled herbed eggs or homemade granola and yogurt for those that do not like the daily menu. Immediately my husband and I started talking about what we could serve Kurt and Syrisa since we knew that they know good food and would want a flavorful, savory breakfast.

Coincidentally, we had just been talking with the owner and chef from our favorite Cape Cod restaurant, the Brewster Fish House and he shared some delightful herbs with us. Victoria Taylor’s Herb’s de Provence Seasoning was the perfect accompaniment to our Frittata. Now on to the garnish. My husband Byron always loves to serve mushrooms with our savory but I have been hesitant in the past because the mushroom medley I made with butter tended to come back on the plates. So something new was in order.We went on-line and looked in many of our cookbooks and landed on a portobello mushroom pan seared with olive oil, thyme and rosemary. I love to make homemade bread so I put together the dough for a dill bread that would go perfectly with our homemade raspberry jam.

The next day we started out with our fresh squeezed orange juice, a martini glass filled with fresh melon, mint and lemon and the main course that includes the herb frittata, a light sourdough toast and slices of our new pan seared mushrooms. We finalize breakfast with lavender and grapefruit spritzed warm towels.

Happy to report that all of the plates that day came back empty with smiles and accolades from all of our guests……a perfect way to begin any innkeepers day!

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