Easter fun at Brewster by the Sea

Every holiday we find unique decorations to place around our Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast . Spring has always been my favorite season and every April I enjoy placing a unique Easter Egg tree that I found at our local Pier 1 store. We also have some cute bunnies that we place on our smaller dining tables.

This year, my husband Byron had some fun redecorating our dining room. As you can see from the attached picture he placed the bunnies around our tree as if they were adding their own touches to our Easter Egg tree. We laughed and smiled and left the silly decor out for our guests to enjoy that day.

As I was reflecting later that evening, I realized the importance of laughter and letting our inner child come out to play. We have lived on Cape Cod for over 5 years now and are still in awe of this beautiful peninsula. My husband and I are taking the time to laugh at the small things in life and appreciate every moment we are blessed with.

On a side note about self care, I have enjoyed reading a free magazine called Cape Cod Healing Arts published here on the Cape. It is filled with many helpful articles for improving and maintaining your health and well being. Certainly laughter is a great way to start! Happy Easter.

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