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We have been innkeepers for five years now and derive great joy from our guests pleasure at breakfast time. Breakfasts have become an enjoyable passion here at BBTS since Byron and I both love to entertain, appreciate fresh well presented food and are always trying new recipes. Our Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast innkeeper license requires us (Donna) to retake a “food safe class” every five years. I took this class 5 years ago when we purchased the inn and have always felt confident that our kitchen was clean, that our food was safe and that we followed proper procedures in handling all of our personal and breakfast food for guests. I signed up for the class because I like to follow the rules and knew it was important. The 7 hour class began with a detailed description of all of the diseases monitored by the FDA……YIKES….it was enough to scare any student into submission (more)

Like anything in life I believe that information and education is what improves our life and helps us make better decisions. Did you know that most food borne illnesses involve improper use of time and temperature when handling food? I have always used a meat thermometer when cooking roasts or turkeys but learned in the class that you should never reheat items in the microwave more than once and the meat should always be at 165.

The class was filled with good information and the instructor knew her stuff! While most of the food handling information was common sense some was new. Did you know that garlic can become lethal if combined with Olive oil and left at room temperature for more than 4 hours? Did you know that that the temperature danger zone for hazardous food is 41 -135 degrees and should not be left out in the danger zone for more than 4 hours? I immediately thought of our pancake batter which I do leave out while making the pancakes. It was comforting to know the 4 hour rule and that we were completely safe making the batter at 7 and serving it throughout the morning until 10am.

Throughout the day we kept hearing about the importance of washing our hands. I have always washed my hands often but after taking this course I think I will wash my hands even more. New information…. we should wash our hands for 20 seconds. That does not sound like a long time but after I was given this information I payed attention in the ladies room during our break. I started counting and realized I was about a 10 second washer. Time your self the next time and you will be surprised.

So after a seven hour state required class I am happy to report that things are a little safer at BBTS. Just a few things were changed mostly involving the way we store our food in the frig. We still make everything from scratch and will continue to buy fresh and organic food when we can.

You may want to check out breakfast recipes at Pamela Lanier , bnbfinder, Iloveinns and bed and breakfast and as always, we welcome suggestions.

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  1. Thank you so much for all the information. What a wonderful web site for our new adventure east. We are so looking forward to our little vacation.

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